Dawnna St. Louis | September 12th, 2020

Keynote Speaker, CSP

St Louis Marketing Method Masterclass"

National Speakers Association | L.A.

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St Louis Marketing Method Masterclass

Agenda September 12, 2020 Chapter Event

9:00 am - Welcome and Chapter Update

9:15 am - Two-Hour Hands-On Workshop: The St. Louis Marketing Method

11:15 am - Announcing the 2020-2021 Speakers Academy

11: 25 am - Closing Remarks

11:30 am - Adjourn the Meeting

11:40 am - Optional: Future Member Conversation 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom
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Date:  September 12th, 2020
Time: 9 am - 12 pm PST


    Compel prospects to read longer, share more, and take action when you leverage our power words and phrases library built for the seven languages of marketing influence.
    One of the greatest marketing drivers is fear! But if you use it in the wrong way then you just sound like an <your preferred expletive here>. Leverage insights into failures, trials, concerns and frustrations to drive higher levels of interest.
    There is one thing that clients want...and all clients want it. Unfortunately, most people market the process, the solution, and even the results. Discover that one thing that drives prospect to buy.
    Ever see some totally bad-ass copy and thought, "Damn that was good". Well - that's the thing... your copy only has to be good... not great to close deals. You'll discover the 6 part formula to creating real copy that works.
    Whether you've had the conversation or need to get your foot in the door, discover how the St Louis Marketing Method is the key that unlocks more opportunities.

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"St Louis Marketing Method"

Coming to NSA Los Angeles Chapter on September 12th:

St Louis Marketing Method Masterclass

The St. Louis Marketing Method makes every other marketing investment that you’ve made finally pay off.

Why the St Louis Marketing Method?

65% of Entrepreneurs fail because they
don't know marketing or sales..

You've invested hours honing your craft, and still, getting the phone to ring - especially with all this new advertising magic - feels impossible.

So let me be very clear ... this is not about figuring out complex funnels, filling in ads, and creating lead-pages. 
Those can waste so much time without the right foundation.

The St Louis Marketing Method is a step-by-step easy-to-follow process that helps you build the kind of marketing foundation so you can reach prospects who can buy, want to buy, and will buy. It works, regardless of marketing platform or advertising medium.

You will know exactly what kind of language to use to motivate your ideal client to buy your solution. And finally, you will effortlessly steer clear of the traps that would normally sabotage your sales. 

TIP: To get the MOST out of this class bring a current solution that you would like to market and an idea of a specific market that you would like to market to.  You can leave with the foundation of your marketing.

About Dawnna

Hi! I'm Dawnna St Louis. and I wasn't good at marketing at all. I did what most people do:

• Spent lots of money on Facebook Ads that delivered very little ROI.
• Wasted time building lists, funnels, and landing pages that barely got a trickle.
• Built the product and hoped that people would buy (turns out this is not a marketing strategy).

So when a client told me I was the "best kept secret" I knew I had a problem. I became an entrepreneur to help people; not to hide from them. And I definitely didn't expect to have to become a sales and marketing wizard.
By the time I was 39 I sold my $250M consultancy. That was a long way from the girl who lived in her car at 19.

But then I became an author and keynote speaker in a new industry and no one knew me... at all.

I needed to get predictable results from my marketing efforts. But no matter how much I tried to follow some expert's launch plan or funnel system - I would fail. Their way of spending thousands of dollars per month marketing to a giant list just wasn't working for me.

I didn't even have a list!

That's when I created the St Louis Marketing Method - a step-by-step marketing blueprint that made every other product I invested in pay off.

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