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Lifestyle Leader Joan Moran Receives Nomination – LA Business Journal for Women Making a Difference Award

Los Angeles, CA, May 1, 2014…For the past 22 years, the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) has nominated some of the most accomplished and inspirational women throughout the Los Angeles County area at their Women Making a Difference Symposium and Awards. Author, Keynote Speaker and Mindset Leader Joan Moran is thrilled to have received a nomination for Business Owner/CEO of the Year for the 2014 awards. The Los Angeles Women Making a Difference Symposium and Awards will include a networking breakfast, nine guest speakers and the awards luncheon.

Joan Moran


70 years young, Joan believes in the engagement of the mind, body and spirit. Her mantra is about alleviating the mental blocks that stop each one of us from experiencing the joy and passion of life. With an energetic and humorous approach, Joan gracefully offers a wealth of motivational techniques and secrets to business leaders to help them attain long-lasting vitality. Beginning every speaking engagement with her signature headstand that exhibits the power of the human mind and body, Joan’s diverse workshops captivate audiences with her unique ability of connecting with every individual. Visit

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