Time to Take Your Speaking Business to the Next Level?

Join the National Speaksers Association, L.A. to be a part of best resource for successful Speakers! 

Chris voss

FBI Hostage Negotiator

Author, "Never Split the Difference"

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author:

"What I learned, not only taught me how to put together a great Keynote Speech, but it gave me the ideas for the sample chapter that I wrote for my book, 'Never Split the Difference' which got me my book deal with Harper Collins"

What You’ll Get From NSA-LA...

Are you an speaker struggling to take your speaking business to the next level?

The National Speakers Association of Los Angeles created a network of high-performing speakers who share their strategies on what makes them successful, so you can accelerate your growth and avoid many of the costly mistakes most speakers struggle with.

Grow Faster

By following proven strategies and tactics, you will reach success faster than by starting from scratch.  When members of our Million Dollar Speakers Group share what is working right now, you are able to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D spent determining the best path to success.  Now you have the blueprint in your hands!

Align with Professionals

Connect and expand your network to include highly successful speakers who can help you in your journey.  You are the sum of your 5 closest connections, so make them count by being part of L.A.'s best Professional Speaker network.

Avoid Mistakes

If you could avoid most of the common mistakes that speakers make by learning from those who've gone before you...wouldn't you?  NSA-LA is THE place to get these lessons learned, so you can speed up the process by avoiding these hurdles.

About The National Speakers Association L.A.

Speaking is the NEW MARKETING! 

The National Speakers Association, L.A., is the best resource for Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Coaches looking to earn revenue and increase their business by speaking.  

Why They Recommend

Joining Our Chapter and Academy

Armando Yee Jr.

TV Producer, Fox Sports Intl

Had I not joined the Academy I wouldn't have learned exactly how to enter this business. It has been overall a terrific experience and I would recommend it to anyone...Highly recommended!

Diana Jennings

Personal Brand & Image Strategist

There was a framework I learned that helped me to build my confident and give me courage to step out of my comfort zone and build a business as a speaker.

Linda Hollander

Founder, Sponsorship Secrets Seminar

In the first week after learning a better way to market my business, I was able to book a 6 month, 6 city speaking engagement with a decision maker who I had previously been unable to connect with for several years.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Speaking Business!

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