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Message from the President of NSA GLAC

Dear Fellow Speakers,

Many established speakers struggle to take their speaking business to the next level, so we created a network of high-performing speakers who share their strategies on what makes them successful, so you can accelerate your growth and avoid many of the costly mistakes most speakers struggle with.

With the clear vision of providing a strong notwork for speakers combined with helping speakers find the training, resources and people needed to achieve success, will be the driving force in how we look to develop content and engage with guest speakers to bring value to our members.

Almost all of our guest presenters are part of NSA's Million Dollar Speakers Group.  They will each share with our members exactly what they are currently doing that is working to achieve this level of success, so you will have the best tools available to improve your speaking business.

I look forward to meeting you in-person and welcoming our next meeting upcoming meeting 


Dwight W. Holcomb

President, National Speakers Association, Greater Los Angeles Chapter